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Because I've been so damn lazy, I BRING YOU SOME ONE-SHOTS.

Chloe, Pepper, and Tony!


Title: Watch and Learn
Cast: Chloe and Tony (with an almost Happy cameo)

Watch and Learn

They'd been amused by all the Iron Man stuff when Happy and Chloe had run into Walmart at 4am for Ben and Jerry's and some necessities. And naturally, when passing the electronics section something had caught the little red head's eye and she'd darted for it.

They got back around 4:30am and Chloe'd settled on the sofa against Tony while she ate her ice cream. He'd stiffened and then sniffed her hair a bit. 

"What?" She edged away from him, eyeing the face he was now making. 

"You smell like Pine-Sol and lower income families!" Sad thing was, he was serious. And he gave her a hurt look when she smacked him in the arm. "Gross. Cooties!" 

She'd rolled her eyes and headed for the shower. At 4:40 she was out, and dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt from Victoria's secret. She figured her usually trashy sweat pants from her old life wouldn't bode so well when Tony was freaking out about Walmart. 

It's getting close to 5am, and Tony's still in the shower. The filth of Walmart had gotten to him. The sounds of Chloe playing video games in the living room drifted up as he toweled off, and he heard something familiar. Dressing again in jeans and a t-shirt he ambled his way downstairs. The soft night time lighting in the hallway reflected nicely in his still wet hair. And then he reached the living room and had to stop in his tracks. 

"Holy crap, is that me?" 

His voice came outta no where, and she looked over her shoulder. And right then a bad guy smacked into the Iron Man suit and it blew up. "Fuck!" She gave him a glare. 

Tony just laughed, running a hand through his hair. "Lemme play." He reached out a hand for the controller, stepping foreward to stand closer to her. 

She turned away, putting her back to him as she started the level over. Because her hair was to mid-back, she'd braided it right after getting out of the shower. Chloe hummed lightly, consentrating on the game.

The red hair was still wet when Tony reached out and gently tugged on it. "C'mon, Lucky, share." He wasn't used to having to beg for things but the idea of playing a video game with him in it was so damn cool.
She blew him up again. Fuck. "Damnit. Fine. You do it, Mr. Iron Man." She handed him the Wii controller, then proceeded to cross her arms and roll her eyes. Typical female, she must be taking some lessons from Pepper.

When he passed her, he planted a quick kiss on her cheek and then pretended like it never happened. Once she softened, Tony grinned his trademark grin, "Watch and learn, kid, watch and learn."
And then he blew himself up.

Title: Clothes
Cast: Tony, Pepper, Chloe


Everything fit perfectly, because Pepper Potts knew the importance of a good tailor. She'd carefully covered the girl's bed with folded clothes, and now she was watching her drift a bit in utter surprise. Pepper smiled softly, and reached out for a t-shirt. "I figured this shade of teal would look really pretty with your skin tone. And of course, your new hair color."

Tone. Tone. Tone. Rhodey called Tony 'Tone' and it'd stuck in her head. Clover Riley snapped out of it, reaching out to take the teal shirt from Pepper. It was soft, soften then anything she'd even felt in her life. And the jeans were smooth and faded to perfection. Everything was designer and it fit like a dream.

Pepper left to go fix dinner up, and Chloe tried everything on, looking in the mirror door that lead into her bathroom. She felt new. I mean, they'd gotten her a few things when she first arrived--but she'd clung to what they'd managed to find at her old house. She wanted to remain the bohemian artist's child--dirty torn jeans and all.

But, there was no reason that she couldn't remain that same species of Clover and give in to the fact that Tony Stark was willing to give her whatever she needed or wanted. Besides, she couldn't let herself ruin his reputation by being that smelly lower class kid. Not anymore.

So, when Pepper offered to take her to a salon and the upscale mall for a 'girl's day out' Chloe'd agreed to it. Now she was no longer that albino girl with the freaky blue eyes. Her hair was a soft shade of auburn red that made her attractive for once. She slipped into the teal shirt that Pepper had likedm adjusting it over her body. She was getting curves for the first time in her life. A bit of body fat didn't hurt anyone. Her ribs didn't poke out, and her elbow wouldn't work as dagger anymore.

She hadn't heard Pepper calling, and she certainly hadn't heard the door open and Tony's soft spoken "Clover?" It was when she noticed him in the mirror that she turned around. "Hey." He said, with his familiar lopsided grin. "Clothes look good on you."

Chlo smiled back with her hesitated but purely happy smile. "Yeah?....Yeah." She let herself admire herself in the mirror for the first time. Let herself enjoy the fact that money did exhist. Let herself care about her appearance, ler herself care about herself. It was like being reborn. Into someone better. In a few seconds flat she'd turned back to Tony and thrown her arms around him.

He caught her, a bit akwardly. Tone patted her back softly, before letting himself just wrap his arms around her in return. She broke the hug first, and he held her out at arms length, admiring the changes he saw in her. "Aha! I found it." He pushed her over in front of the mirror.

Chloe rose an eyebrow at their reflections. "Found what?"

"Remember that arguement we had when you seemed to think you were an akward looking albino and I seemed to think differently?" He smirked.

"You found the akward albino, didn't you?" Chloe retorted unhappily.

He shook his head with the grin of a kid with a secret. "Nah." He pulled her hair gently out of the ponytail holder, and reached a hand around in front of her. "I found the beautiful part." He poked her over her heart, and when he looked down he tapped her nose.

Speechless. The man was the only man with the ability to make her go speechless. Sometimes he was crazily aloof, locked in his garage working on Iron Man. Sometimes he was drunk, and she hated dealing with him then. But right now he was sober, and he'd made her go speechless.

Cue triumphant smirk from Tony Stark. He winked then ambled for the door, adjusting his tie. He'd just made it home from a board meeting and looked quite fancy himself. "Pep says dinner is ready, by the way." And then he left, leaving the akward albino transformed into a princess.

What a strange sort of fairy tale she'd make.

And, because its STORMING I wrote:

Title: Rain
Cast: Chloe, Pepper, Tony


Sometimes she liked to curl up with her chin resting on the back of the sofa to watch the rain. The always running air conditioning would blow a few tendrils of her hair across her face as she sat perfectly still. And the rain would beat its tempo upon the pool deck and the windows that incased the house. The pool never overflowed, and maybe it was a sign of money. She'd seen pools overflow at friends' houses in the rain. But never here.

Softly, she'd tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, and settle down to watch the rain. She could pass hours like that, completely lost in her own thoughts. It had rained the night of the day her mother had died. Now and again, thunder would begin to boom and the storm would swell around the house.

Crack! Lightning danced across the sky and Chloe jumped involuntarily. She didn't realize that Pepper was sitting on one edge of the couch, typing softly. She was so used to Pepper's noise. Her heel clicks, her typing, her breathing. And there was the absense of Tony's music, because he was on the other end of the sofa, just watching the two girls.

Somedays he wished Pepper could be a little more afraid, so he'd have more excuses to hold her. But then he realized that was selfish, because he never ever wanted Pepper to have to be scared.

Chloe was oblivious to the sound of their breathing, the slowly staggered breaths finding themselves in perfect time. She didn't notice the soft blue glow or the soft humming of his arc reactor. Her eyes were on the rain.

Lightning struck again, and suddenly the power went out. "Damn." Tony hissed, getting up to go try and fix it. Pepper shifted, uncrossing her perfect legs and leaning foreward ready to stand. "Need a flashlight?"

The blue light from Tony's chest illuminated his smirk, "Nah. I've got one." He tapped on his chest proudly, stalking away.

Chloe's attention had since drifted from the rain and the lightning outside the window to the obvious electricity running between the two other occupants of the room.

She watched Pepper settle back down at her laptop, which was safe from the power outtage until it's battery drained. Every so often she'd update her Blackberry. Her legs were white in the faint light from the window, the faint light caused by the exploding heavens. They started in classic high heels and drifted upwards to dissapear under a pencil skirt.

Chloe looked down at her own legs, shivering as thunder boomed. They were short, and even though she'd shaved the day before she needed to do so again. Pale as moonlight, too pale for most people. They didn't have the defining shape that Pepper's did. The one that came from walking in those heels. And Chloe's legs dissapeared into jean cut-offs, something left over from her past life. She didn't look good in pencil skirts.

Tony came back, still tapping a beat on his arc reactor as he sat down between the girls. "We just have to wait."

"You did need a flashlight, didn't you?" Pepper smirked softly, looking up at him and moving some of her strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes.

"No, I did not. I would not let my pride overcome my need to provide light and warmth and power to you ladies." He winked gallantly and smiled when Pepper rolled her eyes.

Chloe was silent, having turned back to watch the rain. There was nothing more that she wanted in the world then to end up with a love like Tony and Peppers. Sure they had their downs more often then their ups right now. And Pepper hadn't given into the fact that she actually did love Tony, and Tony was still screwing countesses and princesses from every country--but still. She wanted that pure electric feeling.

Lightning struck again, and Chloe didn't jerk. Because right then, Tony's attention had drifted to her, and he'd pulled the storm scared girl close in the dark. He smelled like soap and expensive cologne because he'd just showered before he came in. She settled against his side, closing her eyes and breathing.

She liked the rain. It made her feel content.

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