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Be Gentle...

I wrote... some fanfiction... It's not romancey, it's just sort of a try-me piece for Tony. I don't think I captured him very well, but I'd really like some feedback in any case. I haven't written anything in a long, long time! ^_^;

    Tony  Stark was always surprised when criminals decided to stand and fight. Not crime syndicate, supervillain, evil maniac criminals, even, just simple desperate trash. It amazed him that even run of the mill thieves chose to throw down with Iron Man.
    "Do you seriously think you can walk away from this? Really?" His voice sounded deep and metallic to his ears, but he knew the three men standing before him heard a very different sound. He'd made it different from his own purposely--for effect. The men didn't seem too impressed, they just kept waving their guns around and yelling threats. He wondered if he should change the modulation to something more 'superheroey,' Probably wouldn't matter, in any case.
    The curiosity was becoming too much for Tony, like an itch he couldn't ignore. He relaxed his stance slightly, spreading his hands, palms out. He hoped they didn't think he was brandishing his pulse beams. "Let me get this straight. You three think that you--unprotected, likely untrained by the look of you, with one handgun apiece can somehow by miraculous chance or luck defeat a wholly protected, highly trained war machine. Am I correct?"
    They seemed confused. Not one said a word, so Tony continued. "Do you watch TV? The news, maybe? I'm a superhero, guys. that's pretty much an automatic victory for me in this situation."
    "We know who you are!" one thug bravely ventured. He appeared not to be the leader, judging by the incredulous looks from the other two. His eyes were wild, frantic. The bandanna around his forehead did little to stem the flow of perspiration drenching his contorted face. At least he had replied.
    "So you do watch the news." He shifted, crossing his arms. "Glad we can be on a first-name basis, then. No more of this 'tin can' business, I hate that." Tony almost laughed as the outspoken thug nearly dropped his pitiful weapon. "Now tell me how much more you know about me."
    "Not that much? Allow me to enlighten you. I run a company you may have caught wind of that makes a great many things. Weapons, alternative power sources, weapons, medical equipment,  and weapons, to name a few. The military basically works because I do. You're a big fan of the military, I gather," he gestured to the tallest thug, who looked down at his camouflage pants as if they'd betrayed him. "I invented, with my fantastic genius brain, the most effective, intelligent, and deadly munitions the world has ever seen. My job is to protect people by making other people die. Are you catching what I'm pitching here, or am I going to have to resort to wacky street lingo, because honestly I'm pretty rusty."
    He was pretty sure that must have offended them. Or perhaps the sheer force of his argument caused the sadly feeble minds of these misguided youths to crumble. Maybe they were just bored.
    Tony hated being shot at.
    "Seriously?" he muttered, lifting off for the short flight home. It was probably strange that this little encounter would be the thing that kept him up tonight.
    He needed a drink.

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Aww. Tony <3.

Seriously? I mean really. I'm a superhero! Lol.

Ily. <3

Yay fanfiction!